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Natures Day

Most folks tend to think a blog needs to be a long winded account of an adventure or experience. Far from it. Blogging should be something that can go into as little or as greater details as the writer has time for. Let’s face it, we all have tough schedules these days so finding time to blog is often the first casualty of a day without enough minutes.

On my film trip yesterday I managed to encounter lizards, ducks, pollinators of many different guises, unknown number of bugs including a hunting spider with its recently caught lunch. Birds, Terrapins, Koi Carp and a whole host of flowers. For someone in the middle of Tokyo, the Worlds most populous metropolis, the excuse of not having enough time to see nature only bears true, when we don’t open our eyes.

A short video is currently being prepared to highlight this quick trip into a green space surrounded by concrete…