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A stacked focus image takes a few seconds to shoot, I’ll be blogging about that in the future. It takes a few minutes to edit and maybe ten minutes to write the back story. A blog doesn’t have to be a long winded link rich account of your day, simply a log of a moment in time. Cocooned in our modern day lives we tend to increasingly miss out on the things that surround us, nature has been replaced with networking, moments of appreciating our natural history taken a back seat to facebook updates whilst the only tweets many of us seem to ‘hear’ are those derived from Twitter.

A Safari is not something to be confined to the wild open African plains. In fact the Swahili word ‘Safari’ was originally taken from the Arabic word ‘safarīyah‘ which means ‘Journey’. Whenever we travel to visit nature we are therefore traveling on a journey, we’re on Safari when walking through our gardens in Japan to marvel at wild flowers refracting through dew drops in the early hours or when seeking out bugs in a compost heap in Southern England, watching pollinators servicing our window boxes from Moscow to Anchorage, these are all Safaris, our own respective journeys.

If we are to reignite our connection with nature we need to take these few minutes each day to seek out these amazing instances that happen right before our eyes. Whilst we all carry cameras with us these days, in smart devices or in their intended form, many use them to feed the narcissistic monsters of social media, those ever demanding public profiles that simply have to be cooler than the next. Maybe it’s time to leave that selfie stick at home, turn the camera around and share the nature that surrounds you, for it is there that we find the real beauty.