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Browsing through the garden I happened on this brief moment of bug passion between a couple of consenting Weevils. OK so felt a tad voyeuristic as I snapped away but hey, it’s all a part of the rich tapestry of wildlife photography. I mean let’s face it, there are only a few times when animals actually do something worth recording. like humans they spend a lot of time doing, well nothing really exciting. Look at all aspects of wildlife photography. OK there are a few nice portrait shots as it’s nice to look at the detail of an animal but for the most part wildlife photography is best encapsulated when the subject is feeding, fighting, hunting, dumping or bonking.

As I was shooting the Canon MPE65mm with the crazy shallow depth of field, at ISO160 my aperture setting was f6.3 and a shutter of 1/200th combined with the MT24EX Twin Flash at power setting 1/16th due to the light colored background I found the best result by focus stacking four shots each focused on different areas of this amorous couple.

Sadly I guess the flash put them off of their amorous intentions and no sooner had I finished the sequence of shots they decided to part ways. The larger of the two making a hasty getaway leaving me with the opportunity to snap another selection of images, this time a collection of ten, with the remaining subject, the lesser of two Weevils.