Hi there, welcome to my small place on the web, away from my regular website and other work related stuff. This is where I write about anything from photography to rants about work, gear and general reflections about experiences on this roller coaster of a ride we call life. I don’t consider photography to be my work, I love imagingĀ and seeing what comes out at the end. Painting with light is a long and infinite journey, one that will keep on chugging long after I’ve reverted to dust and one I have no intention of giving up any time soon, much to the chagrin of my loving wife Terri.


My travels for work and pleasure have taken me through some of the most endearing memories of my life, as well as some of the more harrowing. For personal reasons I have omitted some of the traveled zones, needless to say there were no postcards to be had, enough said. I guess my most profound locations, insofar as the effect they had on me were, in no particular order, the Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and Southern Africa. Each has its own magic, each brands its unique and indelible mark on your soul, tattooing your psyche with its potent ink. Truly majestic locations. The smells of Africa, the Oceans of the pristine Pacific, purely intoxicating.


At times I’ve considered myself profoundly fortunate to have been eye to eye with Manta rays in Micronesia, Salt Water Crocodiles in Palau, Tiger and Great White Sharks in South Africa and a whole stack of other marine ‘mega-fauna’. I’ve also spent a lot of dedicated time sifting through the black volcanic sands of the murky dive spots of Lembeh Straits in Indonesia, famed for its weird and wonderful macro critters. In each of these adventures, which have now also, in the past five or so years, expanded to terrestrial wonders of nature, in all of these adventures I’ve been able to reflect on just how perfect these moments were. I’m hoping from here on in to take people along ‘for the ride’ in a vicarious way of thinking, as it’s a long way from being complete.


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